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David Bell has a great deal of practical picture library, sales, copyright and research experience. David has worked for the Imperial War Museum as its Image Sales Manager, Commercial Sales and Licensing Manager, Image Sales Content Editor for over 20 years.

Working regularly with national broadcasters such as the BBC, Publishers such as Penguin Random House and others such as the MOD. Dealing with Crown and general copyright issues related to all types of material. Negotiating a fair deal and finding the right image for the front cover of a book to a background poster or prop.

In all his roles David as lead teams delivering excellent customer service, developing image sales website content and processes. While building new business, and reaching ambitious sales targets, through his own strategies.

• Excellent visual literacy, visual memory and imagination

• Excellent general knowledge and an understanding of conflict and war imagery

• Excellent general historical knowledge

• Highly organised with strong administrative skills to meet deadlines and targets

• Methodical and creative

• Excellent IT skills

• Good research skills

• Good communication skills and teamworking

• Excellent negotiation skills

• Excellent ability to interpret and interrogate a brief and establish a practical and efficient research plan

• Excellent ability to work to tight budget

• A very good general knowledge of the history of photography

• Good detailed knowledge of copyright law and licensing issues.

• Helpful, approachable, experienced, Friendly, efficient and enthusiasm.

Credit DRHJWM Chronicle / Alamy Stock photo

Believed to be Capt. G H Wilkins an Australian official photographer, (later Sir Hubert Wilkins, the polar explorer) and his assistant sets up his camera and tripod on a tank near Ronssoy on the Western Front.

Credit  H8C3CJ  Malcolm Haines / Alamy Stock Photo

Hawker Demon, British Inter war fighter